Friday, January 26, 2007

Pizza Night

I'm so excited because tonight is Friday and me and momma went to get a big pizza! I wasn't a very good boy today (I made a pee pee in the kitchen) but I hope I can somehow get some of that pizza. I love the weekend because momma and daddy stay home with me and we have a lot of good food (but I haven't been given any lately and I'm starting to get mad). Ok, I smell our pizza, so I need to go and start begging now.


Jamie said...

Hi, Dawson! Pizza sounds good--that's one thing I haven't had today. I took a few Mentos and a chicken strip from "that kid who lives with us" today, and Mom also gave me some marshmallows. For some reason she thinks it's funny to see how many I can catch in a row...but I don't complain, as long as I keep catching them, I keep getting marshmallows! Your friend, Bogart

The Stamps said...

I love to catch marshmallows too! It's really fun isn't it?