Thursday, February 1, 2007

Snow Day

Today was the best day ever (except maybe for the day that I got to go to Sonic twice). It snowed and my parents stayed home with me all day! I even got to go for a walk... I love snow, but I do not like taking baths! Yuck! Every time I go out in the snow, my little belly gets all dirty and my momma and daddy put me in the tub and clean me off. Now I'm all tired out and need a nap (I've only had 4 today). Ok, I think I smell something in the kitchen... I have to go beg now!

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Guy & Julie said...

Dawson, I'm glad you feel better. Mom said you got to go to the doggy hospital...they're pretty nice there. They have good medicine...Mom says it's only for when a doggy is really really sick. You must have been really really sick. Maybe now your mom will let you have some pizza.
Love, Ellie