Saturday, March 3, 2007

Dawson's Big Day

I had a big morning today. My momma said we were going for a ride. I was so excited but I hoped it wasn't like last week's ride where I found myself spending the night at doggie day care. That was fun and all but I like sleeping with my mom and dad. We pulled up to my doctor's office. I wasn't too excited about that. Nothing good ever happens there. I'm not sure what all went on but there was a bunch of prodding and poking on me in places I don't think people should be prodding (if you know what I mean) and then I got 3 shots. They also cut my nails which my momma said made me look pretty. I think they said something about me being fat but I tried not to listen to that. Maybe they didn't cause after we left there - my momma said I had been such a good boy that I could have a treat and we went to my favorite place on earth - SONIC! I got a hamburger and it was SO good. I haven't had any good food in months so I don't know how I could be fat - that food they put in my bowl is terrible. I had to come home and tell my daddy about my exciting day!

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